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192.168.l.l - is an IP address which routers like Linksys, Tp Link , Netgear and other network brands use as an access point or gateway. Firms set up router admin access in this address to allow network administrators to configure their routers and networks. Concretely one can manage Security Options, Network Management, IP QoS, DNS, proxy, LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, DSL, ADSL, MAC Login, Password, User Name, Link, Connect 192.198.l.l Everything you need to know about the IP address

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Often users do not know what the default username and password for their router’s admin panel. You can always find the Default Username and Broadly speaking, 192.168.o.1. is not a valid IP address that anyone would have come across. This is actually more accurately said as, which makes it a private IP address. This IP address is usually used by many of the devices in order to recognize What routers have 192.168.O.1 as default admin ip address? Some of the manufacturers who use as router admin ip address in their routers or modems are 2Wire, Actiontec, Eminent, Huawei, LevelOne, Linksys, Motorola, Netgear, Netopia, Planet is an ip address that is known as the default ip address and is used by many modem manufacturers. 192.168 ll login IP address is used by broadband routers such as Türk Telekom, Superonline, Tp link, Zyxel, Ttnet, Huawei, Asus and Linksys .

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